Notes - DS3 No-Hit Any%

Run Notes (early game optimized see GinoMachino Guide)


These are some general notes on the run in addition to GinoMachinos DS3 No-Hit Run Guide

The notes won't describe the routing in a specific matter, it's more a overview of what has to be done and when.



Just run through to Gundyr, no need to kill any hollows besides the hollow right before the entrance with the crossbow. If you don't kill him, you could potentially get hit by an arrow while activating Gundyr.

After Gundyr:

In the Firelink-Shrine buy 5 Firebombs, Dagger and a shortsword. Level Dex to 18

items to buy




While activating the bonfire in the firelink shrine to highwall, equip your shortsword to safe time.

At Highwall start running past first bonfire (no need to take it).

Pickup the Lightning Resin by running past the dead dragon, head up the stairs past the 3 hollows where the dragon spits fire upon you (be careful this is a really dangerous part, it will end many runs)


After opening up the door, do the jump and run down the way where the knight patrol will come. Wait for it on the left side to walk past you then move on to Vordt (get the Banner first!)


Kill Vordt with your shortsword it's more DPS than the twinblades. You can stagger/riposte Vordt when he's about to do his frost breath with a L2 on his head.



Make the jump from the wall to kill the 2 dogs.



You can collect 2 Homeward-Bones here if you turn left where the dead pilgrims lay around on the left side. You also may consider to kill Yoel for 1000 Souls.


Throw the skull and run through the gate, again no need to take the bonfire just run along the way. Kill the 2 hollows. Take the small leather shield to the right side!

Now go outside the room (you can pick up loretta's bone here for 2k souls if you pomporom it for a ring of sacrifice).


Run through to the first and second titanite shard, and get the sharp gem from the crystal lizard. You can easily kill it with your short sword with 2 charged L2.


Move on to the area, where the giant is throwing spears. You can lure the "choleric salad pott dude" to his death if you stand on the right edge of the cliff and wait for him to charge you.


Collect the ashes and the optional undead boneshard here, as well as the white branches by the tree.


Run through and get rid of invader Hodrick by walking a slight bit into the boss arena of the cursed tree on your left side. open the door and stick to the right side drop down and run past the missionary and the hollows. Look back if they follow you! If they don't you can drop down to the bridge (no need to get the bonfire here!) kill the hollow and run to the well past the "choleric salad pott dudes" (tm).

Take the lift down to the outrider knight and use a branch to get past him.

Light the bonfire to the Road of Sacrifices.

Walk back left on the edge of the wall, start running right when the stairs up start. Run around the columns on the left side. You should be safe if you're not stopping running!


Take the elevator up to Siegward. Run past the fire demon when he's not facing you. Throw 1 fire bomb to the first cage skeleton thing and charged L2 with your shortsword to kill it. Repeat for the second one and collect the skulls.


Get past the dogs and missionaries if you want to collect the chloranthy and flynn's ring. (not necessary but recommended. Gino doesn't collect these to save some time!) Use Homeward Bones to get back to the bonfire "Road of Sacrifices"


Road of Sacrifices


After getting to the second Bonfire in the "Road of Sacrifices", stick to the right and drop down the "cliff stairs". You can collect the soul on your way which is laying there. Run straight past the crucifixion dudes, get the farron coal, homeward bone back to the bonfire.


This time head left drop down the cliff and the second one. Get the titanite shard and go right if your back is now facing the rock wall behind you. Get the Grass Crest Shield (watch out for crabs! those things are dangerous!) and move on to the Swamp!




In the swamp, equip your dagger 2 handed. You can get the purple moss there. Then use the counterclockwise Swamp route.


See the this part of the Video for the Swamp-Route by GinoMachino


You should have collected enough to make your Twinblades +4 with this. You need to buy 4 titanite shards!

Upgrade your weapon BEFORE you level up, to not get screwed. Sell everything you have also the embers for this! Buy firebombs from the rest of your souls after leveling up, 10-15 are needed.


You should have around 24-26 DEX now!




Walk in a parallel way besides the dark wraiths. Then run to the gru which sits in front of an ember and backstab him for real good!

Take care that none of the dark wraiths is aggroing you. If he does run your way to the watcher entrance. But aggro the gru on the hill so they fight each other!


If you enter the boss room, remember to run left so most of the time the first watcher does the slide attack i figured out.

ring setup watcher



Run straight to the drop to the 4 rats but don't jump down there immediately. You can kill the 4 rats with the firebombs we bought from up here.

Drop down and get to the bone wheels. Throw a firebomb while they are spinning and then kill the wheels. Get the Carthus Bloodring.


Head up the stairs where the bone ball is trying to crush you and get the large titanite shard there. Then proceed to go to Wolnir after destroying the bridge!

ring setup Wolnir



After Wolnir you can light the Bonfire and go up the stairs to Irithyll to get the Pontiff Ring (I would highly recommend that since Dancer gets easier with it!)


Lake Farming


Climb down the broken bridge and run beneath the fire demon, drop down and get the large titanite shard fast! Run past the bonfire and kill any following skeletons in the lake.


At the Lake use this route:


No need to kill the worm (you can but it costs a lot of time) You should get 9 Large Titanite Shards there and 1 chunk!


Bone back to the Shrine or use the bonfire by the worm! Use the Tree Skip to get to the Pomporon roof and get your missing large titanite shard and chunk from Pomporom there. You can also collect the Soul-Ring there.


Upgrade your Weapon to +7 and Level Up you should be at around 13-14 Endurance and 39-40 DEX now! Buy some Human Pine Resin too!




Remember to stick to her right leg, because she likes being watched on her ass. She has high complexes with her breasts so don't stare at them or she will bitch slap you in your face!

ring setup Dancer

Farming Round 2


After Dancer run to the Garden's and collect the 4 chunks there. Then head onto the Lothric castle to collect the rest of the chunks. 3 in Lothric castle and one more on the roof after the RNG-Room with the firebomb throwing hollows after you run past the dragon.


Get RTSR and send down the elevator! Bone home to the shrine!


Upgrade your weapon to + 9


!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!

Level 3 into vitality so that you have 13 vitality. Without this you can't do the skip to Yhorm.




Grass Crest Shield (should be equipped the whole time), Flynns, RTSR, Carthus, Pontiff Ring


Crystal Sage


Setup your RTSR by jumping down the cliff by the halfway fortress bonfire. Then kill the Sage with 4 L1 hits. It's more like a trash mob with a boss health bar at this point in game.

ring setup sage



After the Sage, run along the way and stick to the right. Drop down where the missionary is and dodge the attack. Run straight to the bonfire. You can activate it if you want but no need.

Throw the skull on the stairs and proceed to the bush where the dog is. Throw your black firebomb to kill the dog. Stick to the left wall and run around the remaining dog and archer. Take care of the arrow or throw a second skull.


Run straight to the cathedral bonfire. Make your way through the graveyard upwards to the grave warden. Dodge him and go past him up the stairs.

At the second grave wardens wait till the patrouille arrived then throw a skull and immediately run up the stairs. on the left side there's a hollow sitting on the floor you need to kill him fast then open the cathedral doors.


Throw a firebomb at the giant to trigger him. Then kill him on the balcony. Go downstairs and then proceed to collect the Lloyd's Sword Ring.


Equip the dagger to go past the second giant. You should have 1 skull left for the Deacons fight.




Lloyds, Flynns, Carthus, Pontiff and the grass crest shield.

ring setup deacons

Kill 4 Deacons then lure them on the other side of the cube. Kill the 5th deacon then run back to the entrance side of the cube. Throw the skull straight in front of the Pope with a bit of distance. If you throw it too close to the deacons they will use the explosion miracle and you might get hit here.


Use the Bonfire, collect the popes clothes in front of you then teleport back to the Firelink-Shrine.


!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!


Buy the Tower Key and get Patches!! if you have patches buy 20 skulls. From the remaining souls level up. Put everything into endurance - you should be around 17-18 now and 40 DEX


Central Irithyll


In Irithyll at the stairs use a white branch to sneak past the pontiff knights. Look at the Video to see how it is done correctly.

At the Church run down the lake and get the distant manor bonfire. Then proceed to run to Pontiff over the pontiff stairs.

Look behind you to not get shot by magic here.




At the third bench start running to pontiff to parry him. 3-4 L2 depending on the timing then take distance. on his transition phase. Then finish pontiff while he summons his phantom.



Lloyds, Flynns, Carthus, Pontiff + Grass Shield.

ring setup deacons

You can level up Dex up to 50 to not make too much damage to Aldrich. You can go for 25-30 Endurance and put the rest from there on into DEX




Run to Aldrich. At the 2 Npcs coming at you throw at least 3 skulls to lock them down. Then Sneak your way upwards to Aldrich.


Rings: RTSR, Flynns, Chloranthy, Carthus.

ring setup Aldrich

Hit Aldrich 4 times on his tail. Don't do over 1650 dmg or he will transition into 2nd phase after the teleport! Wait for the attack pattern and kill him!




At Yhorm Dungeon proceed through it and kill the 3 jailers at the entrance. Drop down one level and stick to the right side. Till you come outside. Walk on the wall to be able to drop down to do the Yhorm skip.


This is why we have put 13 into vitality!!


You jump down with a charged L2 bare fists. Remember zu unequip shield + sword or else you are too heavy. Don't go over 16% equip load or else you'll die here!


See the following Clip:




Setup RTSR


Use the following rings: RTSR, Flynns, Pontiff, Carthus + Grass Shield

ring setup sage

After 4 hits DSA staggers. Then proceed to give him 2 L2 in the front, strafe around with some kind of distance not too far. Then give him 4 L2.

DSA should be almost dead. Finish him but pay attention to flying meatballs!


Go back and levelup, buy some poison resin for the archive sage.




Setup RTSR and proceed to kill the archive sage with poison resin and 5 L2. If you can't get 5 L2 in - Homeward Bone immediately. The Sage can shoot his magic shit till the bonfire of grand archives.


Proceed through the archives. Till you get the elevator at Lorian's after the "random shit flies at you bridge" Don't forget to pick up the slab with the secret troll elevator. then proceed to Lorian.




Setup RTSR


You can fight Lorian like a man face to face or double cheese him. All that matters is to kill him proceed to Cinder afterwards.

ring setup sage




if you're still learning this boss i recommend to fight him embered with lloyd's sword ring instead of RTSR setup. Also don't forget to bring human pine resin and upgrade your estus. So you can heal because with lloyds and embered, you're not always a oneshot.

ring setup Cinder

Remember to not cry, lay down, cry a lot!